Challenges, questions, answers


By the time you read this article, we would have already covered some impressive ground.

Making it real


As discussed in the previous article, we want to keep Australia Covid-free and to so do Australia has been making use of a combination of up and down-stream strategies. …

The big Covid solution not yet on our radar

The crux of it all

Before I start delving deeper let me give it to you in a nutshell.

  • Australia is more or less Covid-free right now and we want…

Continuing the discussion

Should we vaccinate these people first? from an ethical point of view.

A question that is likely to emerge soon enough is whether it’s right to vaccinate return travellers before we vaccinate everyone else? or at least whether we should keep them so high-up on the priority list. …

Vaccinating return travellers before arrival

Welcome Back

This is part 3 of a journey from confusion and frustration to (hopefully) a possible solution to our bike problem. In the first part we explored the problem of bike carcasses on the side of the street and who is to be blamed for the nuisance. The conclusion was that the bike company and that faulty product design is to be blamed (read the article here if you haven’t yet). In the second part we continued by exploring where the product may be broken. …

Welcome Back

If you found yourself here as a result of reading the previous article — The Shared Bike — A Tortured Hero or Villain? — then you are awesome! If you got here without reading the previous article, then either read it here (it’s a great little read), or, I can summarise it for you — though it won’t have the same wit as the full article.

Here is the main argument:

  1. Bikes are a good thing, inherently.
  2. By the same token- decentralised, shared bikes (no docks) are good as well.
  3. Unfortunately, these bikes have an annoying bi-product — pilled-up bike carcasses.
  4. Bike carcasses are a…

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